I’m Ildikó Balogh. I was born in Budapest, and I live here.

I was interested in the characteristics of the zodiac signs already in my high school years.
I turned towards the astrology deeper at the beginning of my 30′s, and then went on to study it.

I have been dealing with astrological counseling for 15 years.

I prefer the method of horary astrology because with this it is possible to see your present situation and give an answer to your actual question more accurately.

I have been working with the horary astrology for 6 years, which does not require the date of birth, but a specific question about the topic what is actual for you.

Horoscope with the answer is set for the exact time of the your question when the astrologer understood the essence of the question. The topic is explained by the planetary positions at that time.

Before it is important to outline the particular situation that the question is directed. Background information helps the astrologer to understand the question better and to answer the question.

– Will they get me to the job I applied for?
– Can I get into the university this year?
– Is it worth buying this flat?
– Is it worth going abroad for half a year?
– How will my relationship develop within two months? 

Such and similar issues can be asked in any area of life where you are personally involved.  This can be related, for example, to material goods, health, business, friendship, family. It is worth setting a time interval on the question as long as you want the topic to unfold. If it is over, you can ask again if it is still actual.

Analyzes take 40-50 minutes  by phone, WhatsApp and Messenger. The e-mail response is also possible, it takes 4-5 correspondences.

I’m happy if you give a feedback later on how the situation has been developed.

E-mail: ildiko.bh@gmail.com 

Phone: + 36 70 213 43 25

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